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Niagara Falls
Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Golden Plunger: Husky Truck Stop

The Golden Plunger

with Betty and Jane

Husky Truck Stop

615 York Rd., NOTL

The day was young we were cruising around Niagara-on-the-Lake when nature called. We found ourselves at the Husky on York Road, and, of course, that meant the Husky bathrooms.

The truck stop has two types of bathrooms. Some for customers of the restaurant, some for the store, with paid facilities for travelling professional drivers.

The paid facilities boast laundry and shower rooms. You can shower for $7 but you have to pay $10 if you’d like a clean towel with that shower. The facilities were clean and utilitarian. Betty repeatedly referred to it as her new spa. Jane reminded her the only thing whirlpooling was a couple of pairs of jeans in one of the washers. The paid bathrooms were really all about the showers.

There also are plenty of public bathrooms and we headed over to the restaurant and enjoyed our first meal of the day. The men’s restrooms had a change table, something we don’t see enough of. We are fans of activated paper towel dispensers that are offered in addition to the electronic blow-dry units. Signed schedules are comforting as they note the last time the bathrooms got cleaning attention. Fully accessible, these bathrooms are a great match with the venue.

The Husky restrooms earned 3.5/5  Gold Plungers.

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