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Humour and Hops brings regular comedy to NOTL

David Green and the Exchange Brewery are pouring a steady flow of comedic entertainment.

Each month, Green hosts an evening of laughs – showcasing a variety of aspiring local acts mixed with more well-known headliners.

This Jan. 18 at 9 p.m., Brenda Lenni and Jason Allen take the stage.

Green has been putting on Humour and Hops at the Exchange Brewery for almost a year. He says he was first approached by the brewery when they were planning their two-year anniversary show.

“It’s been a hit ever since.”

There are no other regular comedy shows in Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL). He says it’s nice to have a consistent show fans can expect and look forward to. The Ice Breakers Comedy Festival happens at the end of January, coinciding with the Ice Wine Festival, but it only takes place once a year.

“It’s nice to have something that’s regularly occurring for locals. We have a lot of regular returnees who keep coming back. They’ve seen me before and we can play around, they know what style of comedy they’re getting; they know they’re getting top-class comedians as headliners.”

He says most of the comics are clean and un-offensive.

“You can come out for a fun night and not have to worry – is it going to be rough, is it going to be bad or offensive?”

While many NOTL and area locals frequent the show, Green says it isn’t just for them. Many people in attendance travel from out of town and across the border. They have put on shows without one Canadian in the audience. He says the room was entirely occupied with American tourists.

Over the year the show has grown and matured.

“Crowds have been receptive, and the shows have been well-attended. We’ve been able to attract bigger name headliners to come out. Some people from Just for Laughs, CTV and Comedy Now. It’s kind of cool to have them in a tiny little brewery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It only fits about 40 people; a small, intimate space.”

Green says he’s excited to have Jeff Leeson perform.

“He’s my favourite comedian, hands down.”

Leeson will also be on the roster for the Garden City Comedy Festival coming up in May on St. Paul Street in St. Catharines. Headlining one of the first shows at Exchange, tickets sold out weeks in advance.

Tickets for Humour and Hops can be purchased for $18 on the Exchange Brewery website or in person during opening hours. Each ticket secures a seat and includes one 12 oz. draft beer.

*Edit – The Exhange Brewery no longer donates proceeds to the Red Roof Retreat Charity. It was partnered with them in the past. 

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