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‘Coming out’ stories to inspire in Niagara Falls

Coming out can be hard to do.

This evening Falynn Shaw, column writer for The Sound and activist for LBGQT+, is trying to make it a little more relatable.

Thursday night, as part of the Niagara Falls Museum’s Thursday Night Series, Shaw, along with co-writer Patrick Alexander, will speak about their experiences coming out as gay.

“Tonight is us introducing the column as well as telling our stories. My main goal to want to do this is to touch people, to help others. I’m really hoping we put a lot of fires around high schools.”

Shaw says a lot of families don’t understand, she wants to make it easier and show them that it’s okay to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

“People will see two normal people, well-adjusted people, you know, surviving the world – and they’re gay.”

The event this evening was the result of Shaw’s column in The Sound, a publication focusing on music and events happening around Niagara Falls and the region. Shaw says she has always felt passionate about writing and was looking to share her experiences with others.

Suzanne Moase, curator for the Niagara Falls Museum, says they read Shaw’s words and wanted to bring that to the community. “When I read what they were attempting to do, which was to find a voice and a platform to reach the Niagara community, I thought there was some synergy there. The museum just became another avenue or another place for them to engage the public.”

Shaw says writing the column has helped her to articulate what she wants the public to know about the LGBTQ+ community and she hopes it will help to inspire others. “Now I’m a voice for all of these people. That’s a big thing to take on. When I got Patrick involved it got a little less scary, then we got more people involved.”

She says she’s excited with the route it has taken and hopes that this evening will just be the start to a recurring series at the museum.

Moase shares her sentiment. “I hope it’s the beginning of some new relationships and partnerships.”

Moase says she would like to see it grow into a seasonal instalment as a part of the Thursday Night Series.

LGBTQ+ in the City Presents- Coming Out Stories runs from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Niagara Falls Museum at 5810 Ferry St. in Niagara Falls. There will be an organic Q&A and some light refreshments after the talks.

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