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Danny Lamb creates scholarship and donates guitar

Danny Lamb lives to give.

The Niagara-on-the-Lake native has used his career as a musician to serve in any number of ways. This year he launched the Army of Love campaign, a fundraising tour. Lamb and various configurations of his band, the Association, toured around Ontario and along the east coast to Halifax, raising money to send a young artist to leadership camp.

The 30-year-old philanthropist has spent time working with the social enterprise ME to WE, and wanted to maintain ties with what he sees as a meaningful and progressive organization. “I was trying to find some arts and activities pieces, ways to develop young artists,” Lamb says. “I had a conversation with the ME to WE camp crew and we came to this idea, to create a scholarship for a young artist to be able to attend the Leaders In Training camp.”

The spring tour was a success, surpassing its goals — and then came the challenging part: choosing a recipient for the scholarship.

“It was ridiculously hard — they should all go to camp,” says Lamb. “But Indya Kennedy’s application resonated with me. She stuck out as someone who’s ready to do something at age 13 without support.” The young visual artist based in the GTA had such a powerful experience at the camp that she now has big plans of her own. “She wants to further female empowerment through a trip to India. I love that she’s super-passionate about women’s rights,” says Lamb.

Lamb also facilitated the donation of a guitar — from Hydrocephalus Canada and Lamb’s organization A Song, A City — to Niagara Music Gives. The latter is an initiative through the Niagara Conservatory of Music which seeks to provide musical instruments for young people in the region. The guitar will be one of many donations made by Lamb and founder Greg Wierzcholski on Dec. 18.

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