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Arts: Swifties bond over drinks and tunes at Limited Distillery
Esther, Sylvia, Megan and David are a family of Swifties. JULIA SACCO

Swifties flocked to Limited Distillery and SRC Vinyl on Sunday in Virgil for a special edition of the Spin the Black Circle series. 

Sunday was the third episode of Limited Distillery’s special themed afternoons where musical food and drink are served while spinning the vinyl of a particular artist. 

Other Spin the Black Circle afternoons highlighted Pearl Jam and Queen, but last Sunday’s was focused on all things Taylor Swift. 

David Waddington and his family came from St. Catharines to listen to some music and grab some new records.

“I’m a Swiftie dad,” Waddington told The Lake Report as he sifted through the selection of vinyl.

His daughters — 12-year-old Sylvia and nine-year-old Esther — weren’t able to get tickets to the coveted Eras Tour, so this was a nice way for them to enjoy the music together.

“I like her because she sings about life and she doesn’t lie,” Esther told The Lake Report.

Fans of all ages came by to enjoy the tunes.

Meaghen Calder and Kristi Elia from NOTL enjoyed Florida Creamsickle mocktails and shared plans about their upcoming trip to take in the Eras Tour in Toronto in November. 

Elia is a regular at SRC Vinyl and said she was told about the listening session the last time she visited the store.

There are more sessions to come — for all different artists.

Keep your eye on the website at limiteddistillery.com/products/spin-the-black-circle-sundays to find out what artist will be featured at the next one on June 2.

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