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Arts: Olde Angel Inn featured in CBC’s new ghost hunting series
Matthew Finlan and Luke Hutchie were familiar with NOTL before filming at the Angel, Finlan having lived in town and Hutchie growing up in Niagara Falls. SUPPLIED

Many residents of Niagara-on-the-Lake could likely recite a piece of history about the Olde Angel Inn — and some may even know that it’s been the site of what some speculate is paranormal activity.

Whether it be through one of NOTL’s many ghost tours or simply word-of-mouth, many have heard the tales of the inn’s hauntings — but not many have been able to go behind the scenes and explore.

“Ghosting,” a new show with Luke Hutchie and Matthew Finlan, premieres this Friday on CBC Gem and focuses on the two hosts exploring some of the most haunted spots in the country, including the Olde Angel Inn.

The unscripted comedy series follows Hutchie and Finlan through different locations in Canada along with several special guests as they decide whether or not the infamous spots are truly haunted. 

“I actually lived in Niagara-on-the-Lake in Chautauqua Circle and I went to the Angel many times as a patron,” said co-host Finlan. 

Finlan, who recently acted alongside Finn Wolfhard and Billy Bryk in the slasher comedy “Hell of a Summer,” said he had always been familiar with the spot but learned a lot more after deep-diving into its history for the show. 

“We found out that it’s Canada’s oldest operational pub and one of the oldest — if not the oldest — coach houses in Canada,” he said. 

With Niagara-on-the-Lake’s notoriety as the most haunted town in the country, both Finlan and Hutchie said that when they were planning which spots to visit, “all directions kept pointing us back to the Olde Angel Inn.” 

“If you Google haunted places in Canada, (NOTL) is always in the top five list,” added Hutchie.

Like many Niagara residents, Hutchie, who grew up in Niagara Falls, spent a lot of time as a patron at the Angel. 

“It was always that place that’s just haunted,” he said. 

Hutchie recalled sharing tales of Capt. Colin Swayze, a British captain during the War of 1812, being passed around his friend group.

“It was definitely fun to go back and explore it,” he added. 

Along their travels, Hutchie and Finlan consulted with people in each town to get extra input on the location’s lore. 

Diana Farr, one of the managers of the Angel, provided the ghost hunters with some important background information. 

“We take you through the bar maiden, the American soldier who killed everybody and, of course, Capt. Colin Swayze,” Hutchie explained. 

The two hosts and their guest for the episode, Zoé De Grand Maison from “Riverdale,” explored the main eating area, the lodging space upstairs and the cellar. 

“We take you through the history of why the history of each room is important,” said Finlan. 

Finlan said that among all the spots visited during the making of the show, the Olde Angel Inn was the most frozen in time. 

“That cellar, you can sort of feel how authentic it is,” he said. 

Other standout spots explored throughout the series include the Merrill House in Picton, the McDonald Log Cabin in Alliston and more. Each location is explored by the two hosts along with a celebrity special guest. 

CBC’s “Ghosting” with Hutchie and Finlan premieres Friday, Jan. 26 with all episodes available on the free CBC Gem streaming service. 


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