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Arts: ‘It was like you were in a dream’
Janice White's exhibition at Ironwood Cider House is running until Dec. 6 and gives visitors a close look at her photo excursion to the south of France. JULIA SACCO

Janice White has always loved capturing motion in her photography. 

For her first-ever exhibition, Ironwood Cider House has on display several images in which White has captured a sense of movement. 

“I wanted to highlight my recent series on the white horses in the south of France,” White said at a reception for her show on Sunday afternoon.

After she saw a photo of the breed running, she decided she wanted the opportunity to photograph them as well.

“There was a photographer I followed who was offering a workshop in the south of France, so I signed up for that and it did not disappoint,” White said. 

One foggy morning on the French beach, on a day when you “could not tell the difference between the sea and the sky,” created a beautiful environment for photos.

“It was magical because it was like you were in a dream,” said White, whose work has appeared in The Lake Report. “Most of the photos in the exhibit were from that morning.”

She was grateful for the large turnout on Sunday. “It was wonderful.”

Her work will be on display at Ironwood until Dec 6. 

The photos in the exhibition are available for purchase and White can be reached at oldmillphoto@gmail.com. Her work also can be seen at oldmillphoto.pixieset.com.

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