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Arts: Books at the Barn returns to NOTL June 17
Writer's Circle members in 2022. FILE PHOTO

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Writers’ Circle will again be showcasing local authors’ books on the weekend of the St. Andrew’s Strawberry Festival on June 17. 

Books at the Barn will take place in front of the quaint red barn at 322 Simcoe St. on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., right across the street from the Strawberry Festival. 

The gathering will be an opportunity to chat with local writers, perhaps purchase a book and get the author to autograph a copy.

Among those authors featured at the book fair are Sally Basmajian, Sharon Frayne, Diane Martin, Paul Masson, Kathryn Recourt and Richard West. 

In addition, Writers’ Circle author Randy Klaassen, who publishes books with local themes, will be displaying some of his press’s titles. For more information about the Writers’ Circle, please see http://www.notlwriterscircle.com/

Sally Basmajian’s exciting new novel, “So Hard to Do,” tells the story of a mother and her daughter who inadvertently fall for the same man.

In this twisted triangle, can a happily-ever-after be achieved? Or will someone’s heart break and the mother-daughter bond be severed forever?

Sharon Frayne’s “The Sound of a Rainbow” was selected by the CBC as one of the must-read young adult books for the spring of 2023.

It tells the story of Raven, a troubled 16-year-old whose divorcing parents have sent her to summer camp.

At first she hates it, but the challenges she faces eventually lead her to form friendships and develop empathy for others.

Diane Martin has published “When Time Stands Still,” a mystery/adventure book for children ages eight to 12.

Three siblings, Megan, Nicholas and Brooke, think they are going on an uneventful family vacation and couldn’t be more wrong. They find themselves investigating the mysterious disappearance, many years ago, of their great-great-uncle Jack.

Paul Masson has just published the fifth detective novel in his series “The ABC File.”  It’s entitled “Evil in Summerland.”

Cameron and Carroll, Investigators, are asked to locate the daughter of a Canadian mining magnate.

This leads them to Ottawa and to the African country of Summerland. They try to unravel the threads connecting various events, but face mortal danger from those who do not wish the past to be disinterred.

Kathryn Recourt, a Canada Book Awards winner, will present her popular illustrated children’s series about Sir Archibald Droolsalot: “Big Dog Blues,” “Big Dog Drools” and “Puppy Dog Blues.”

Richard West will have on display his intriguing sci-fi series about the Lightning People, who, though not immortal, live much longer lives than we humans: Titles include “Lightning People: Discovered,” “Lightning People: Entangled” and “The Hive Revealed,” as well as “Recollections of War,” an account of his parents’ memories of events in England during the Second World War.

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