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Daily Archives: Dec 20, 2019

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Letter: Town needs to get short term rental bylaw right

Dear editor: While tough words from town council and talk of significant penalties for people in Niagara-on-the-Lake operating short-term accommodation to visitors may be warranted,...

Letter: Water main replacement cost $263 a foot

Dear Editor, I am writing in regard to a Dec. 5 article in your newspaper, “No danger of lead in NOTL drinking water.” I found the entire article interesting. However,...

$25 ticket after Old Town parking meters reject coins

The following is a letter to Lord Mayor Betty Disero and Coun. Wendy Cheropita. A  copy was submitted to The Lake Report for publication. This is...

Letter: Dog poisoned twice by discarded cannabis

Dear editor: I’m writing to you on behalf of my wife, Bette Ann, myself, and for the many pet owners residing in NOTL, as your...

Editorial: Town needs to protect whistleblowers

In the digital information age, there are few secrets that don’t eventually find their way into the public realm. That’s usually because someone, somewhere knows...

Letter: MPP reflects on milestones from the past year

Dear editor: Firstly, let me say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! While the legislature only sat for six weeks this session I did my best to...

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