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Oct. 23, 2021 | Saturday
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Letter: Group supports plan for hotel tax

Dear editor:

Residents for Sustainable Tourism is pleased that the Niagara-on-the-Lake council has approved a municipal accommodation tax to be considered by the finance committee for 2022.

The tax revenue, as intended by Ontario, will go toward tourism infrastructure and marketing. We know that it was a spirited and passionate debate by all parties and we appreciate that it was fully discussed and reviewed.

After hearing all sides of the issue, hopefully council and staff will implement the plan in a sensitive manner based on prevailing COVID conditions in 2022.

We hope NOTL taxpayers will see some cost recovery from the industry. At the same time we hope the levy helps the tourism industry by funding marketing focused on brand and building the infrastructure the industry needs to keep up with growth.

Our group believes Niagara-on-the-Lake should continue to be branded as the TEMCO industry committee described "a living historical community" that is a joy to live in and visit.

NOTL should be an alternative to Toronto and Niagara Falls. We would like our elected representatives to focus on "liveability before overtourism.”

To that end, we call for the town, tourism industry and resident groups to be equally represented in the development of the new town tourism strategy. We look forward to building a great town for all to visit and live.

Bruce Gitelman
Residents for Sustainable Tourism