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Oct. 23, 2021 | Saturday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter: Anger and frustration over PM's inaction on Afghanistan

Dear editor:

For 84 years I have been a very proud Canadian. While travelling in Europe for business and pleasure I was proud to tell people I met that I was a Canadian. Tonight my pride was shattered by the steps taken by our present federal government and our prime minister.

Key issues that have taken the glow off being a Canadian are all connected to the inept actions and false promises made during the time Justin Trudeau has been our PM and while he campaigns for the leadership role once again. The issues are related to our shameful handling of the pandemic and treatment of the people of Afghanistan who served our armed forces. 

Many of those loyal to our troops were left behind in Kabul because the PM and his party would rather run an early election than help the interpreters and their families get away from certain brutal deaths. This very important mission should have been finalized more than 60 days ago.

Watching the fall of Afghanistan should have been a very good indication of the future that awaits the people who assisted our troops in their time of need. Now the time available to rescue these people and their families has run out and thousands of innocent people will be rounded up and very cruelly murdered by the Taliban or by ISIS.

Our prime minister will have their blood on his hands because of his need to call an early election in hopes of a majority outcome. When I heard on the news that we were stopping the saving of these desperate lives days before the "red line" date of Aug. 31, I was extremely angry and sad for those innocent people.

What kind of government can ask for our vote when it shows total lack of compassion for the interpreters, their wives and children.

Then the next item on the news was the apparent muzzling of Dr. Theresa Tam by our PM because it might affect the outcome of the election.

Is the rise in COVID patients in this fourth wave not important for us to know about? From the very beginning, his handling of COVID has been inadequate. Other countries are planning on early third shots, but our PM is looking at maybe the end of January.

Or will he be late again putting in his order for vaccines? He seems to be more concerned about his own needs than those of the people of this country. The citizens who elected him deserve better than they are receiving. So did the people of Afghanistan.

Don’t forget all of his past transgressions while we focus on his actions of late. Another term in office is not what this country needs and I want to feel a sense of pride once again for my country. 

Lies by the prime ministers, the deceitful handling of WE, SNC-Lavalin and his cover-ups have not been the actions of a professional leader.

What don’t people see or hear from this man who wants our votes to have another shot at the leadership of this great country? Promises made to our Indigenous Peoples, promises made to his voters and not kept are indicative of a weak leader.

And now he’s failed our troops and the people who saved he lives of the troops that left their families and went to a foreign country to stop the persecution of its people. 

I’m sad and I’m angry at what I’ve seen taking place of late. Can we trust this man for another two, three or four years? Will the respect of others be earned back in the coming years?

Our nation isn’t perfect, but it’s the finest country in this world. Would any of you change places with those poor people in Afghanistan? I know I wouldn’t.

Tom Thornton