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Jun. 23, 2021 | Wednesday
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Letter: Make Ryerson Park 'locals only' but open adjacent land for everyone

Dear editor:

We often walk to Ryerson Park and notice drivers looking for parking. They can hardly find any.

The residents living in the area surrounding Ryerson Park have to put up with the inconvenience of noise, obstructive parking, traffic and large families, and out-of-town visitors enjoying but overcrowding the relatively small park.

Our suggestion, Ryerson Park should be fenced and a notice posted "for use by locals only."

On the other hand the adjacent area just to the west, which used to be the Defence Department's practice range (and at one time was suggested as the site for a music festival), is available.

It should be developed as a larger park that would provide much more enjoyment to visitors. This new park should include ample parking, kids entertainment, restroom facilities and access to the lake beach.

All Canadians, families living in apartments, condos and with no gardens should have access to the lake. Lucky people with expensive properties on the lake should learn to share the natural beauty of the lake with less-privileged people who need fresh air and the freedom to let their children run freely, and dip their bodies in the lake.

Along the Niagara Parkway there are beautiful parks but no access to the river. All Canadian visitors, or any other visitors, should have access to the lake regardless of where they come from.

The province, Niagara Parks and the federal government should jointly look into this option of developing a park with access to the lake for all.

Edgar and Maria Morriss