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Feb. 28, 2021 | Sunday
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Letter: On vaccine rollout, let's focus on what we can control

Dear editor:

I sent Dr. William Brown’s Jan. 28 article, "The race is on, humans vs. COVID-19," to a friend.  

I added a few comments that COVID-19 has no boundaries, but individual countries producing vaccines may be restricting export distribution to countries that don’t manufacture their own. 

Recent issues that have arisen include the number of doses there are in a vial, who is getting the extra dose and were manufacturers telling purchasers that they were getting vials containing six doses each as opposed to five doses and leaving the buyers somewhere in the dark as to what was being delivered? 
And then there is the Ontario government telling us how many doses have been given as opposed to how many people have actually been vaccinated. I presume the latter is meant to pump up what the government is actually doing.

Until we are vaccinated we can focus on staying home, wearing masks when going out, sanitizing or washing our hands at every opportunity, going to grocery stores alone when some of us who have partners or spouses have been in the habit of shopping together, etc.

The unfortunate part of all this is the pandemic has played havoc on mental health. In the meantime, let us focus on what we can control. As one pollical pundit put it regarding the vaccine and this pandemic: let’s stop acting like children on a vacation trip shouting "Are we there yet? … Have we arrived?"

The friend to whom I sent Dr. Brown’s article responded that there are things outside our influence and things we can control …

Gilbert Comeault