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May. 28, 2022 | Saturday
Editorials and Opinions
Editorial: Good news amid the pandemic

As we are all learning, during a pandemic lockdown, it can be challenging to find things to which we can look forward.

But this week, NOTL residents had the pleasure of cheering on our own local family, the Gaios, during their two-episode run on "Family Feud Canada," during which they took home a hefty $10,000 prize.

It shouldn’t be understated that, in this time, the hometown connection was an excitement so many people needed.

It was quite the spectacle, too, with the family just narrowly taking home the grand prize on the first episode.


And while it was a bit sad to see them lose in the second episode, their appearance on the show clearly made a lot of people in town very happy.

Kudos to the Gaios for, probably unintentionally, cheering up our community while we’re stuck inside.

There also is other good news in that COVID-19 infections appear to be starting to ease off in NOTL's long-term care homes.

After six deaths and two outbreaks, and our town now having the highest ratio of COVID infections in all of Niagara, the town needed that good news.

We hope to see NOTL cases dropping over the coming weeks as those long-term care cases start to dwindle.

And, as we’ve said before, thanks to our homes for keeping us up-to-date on what’s happening.

We’re repeating that, because it’s important and, too often, executives and communications teams withhold valuable information.

One more piece of great news this week is that seasonal farm workers are returning again, but this time with much less trouble than when the pandemic began.

We’re happy to hear there have been some changes to housing to help protect those workers.

And, though it’s early and numbers weren’t finalized before press time, kudos to the town’s finance committee for taking a hard look at the 2021 budget and coming up with a surplus.

Surely, there are lots of happy residents as a result.