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May. 21, 2022 | Saturday
Editorials and Opinions
Editorial: Parents, please make sure kids wear helmets

For the safety of all the kids using the new skatepark, parents should ensure their kids are wearing helmets when they go out to skate, bike or ride a scooter.

To state the obvious, the park is made entirely of cement — which is unforgiving when a skull cracks down on it.

Broken arms heal, broken legs heal, but one bad fall can leave a child permanently injured, or worse.

So, please be careful.

The Lake Report was told newly opened skatepark in Port Colborne has already seen one really bad accident because a child wasn’t wearing a helmet. He is now in a coma and a bystander was left traumatized by the sound of his head hitting pavement.

That’s a story we don’t ever want to have to write about somebody in our town, or a visitor.

Please be careful.