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Oct. 21, 2021 | Thursday
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Editorial: Snowbirds: Stay in self-isolation!

Life for all of us has been turned upside down in the past few weeks. And the way we go about our lives is going to continue to change for the foreseeable future. Maybe until June, or July, or …

By the time you read this, life will have changed yet again and the government might even have ordered us all to stay indoors, no matter what.

Because the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, infections keep rising as more positive tests are announced daily and we all have to do our part – and more – to try to flatten the curve that now is headed steadily skyward.

Kudos to all those in NOTL who are dutifully abiding by the pleas for us to keep a social distance, to self-isolate and to avoid crowds. As we walked our dog along Queen Street on Monday morning, the handful of pedestrians we encountered reflexively moved to the median or even onto the street in order to keep their distance. That’s the right thing to do.

The vast majority of NOTLers are following the rules and to them, we say, “Thanks.”

However, some are not. This is especially a problem among those who have just returned from outside the country. Reports of NOTL snowbirds being out and about have been documented on social media and in two concerned letters to the editor in this week’s Lake Report.

Travellers who ignore the rules are a huge problem as community spread of COVID-19 continues and more cases come to light of returning travellers testing positive.

“I feel fine” or “I just need to pick up a few things” simply do not cut it, especially with online and delivery options available, and lots of neighbourly neighbours willing to help out.

So, snowbirds and others who should be self-isolating, STOP going out and putting others at risk. It’s selfish, foolhardy and short-sighted.

Get with the program and heed the message to snowbirds on the sign outside Penner’s Home Hardware: “See you in 14 days.”

And if anyone encounters these folks out and about, don’t default to the typically passive Canadian approach. Instead, be inspired by the Shoppers Drug Mart employee about whom Syme Jago writes this week. That worker rightly kicked a just-returned snowbird out of the store because she was putting everyone at risk.

Let’s use common sense, understanding and compassion, everyone. Most people are doing so. But let’s call out the bad apples when we encounter them.