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May. 22, 2022 | Sunday
Editorials and Opinions
Old Town car crash: Both drivers were locals, not tourists
A collision at Prideaux and Victoria streets left one vehicle upside down.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Lake Report learned last week that the incident described in the letter below  involved two local residents, not  tourists, as many readers assumed. The upended car was exiting a driveway when another driver apparently ran a stop sign and collided with the vehicle. Two 10-year-old passengers suffered minor injuries as a result, but everyone is OK.

Dear editor:

The collision pictured above was not on the QEW, but in the heart of the Old Town. There are too many entitled visiting drivers not paying attention and driving too fast on unfamiliar streets, looking left and right for non-existent parking spaces — attempting to circumvent the horror of our Disney-esque Queen Street. 

Imagine this scene, had there been someone walking within striking distance of the airborne vehicle.

But let’s continue to slavishly market the town to as many visitors as we can cram within its borders — what could possibly go wrong?

Michael Howe