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May. 25, 2022 | Wednesday
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NOTL man caught in vigilante video sting
Jordon Williams, who ran unsuccessfully for NOTL town council in 2018 and unsuccessfully sought the provincial Tory nomination, has been the subject of a vigilante sting operation into the exploitation of minors. (Richard Harley/File)

A vigilante video of a Niagara-on-the-Lake man who was ousted as a director of OUTniagara on Feb. 13 has been removed from a public YouTube channel dedicated to exposing Niagara child predators.

The video was made on Feb. 12 after Jordon Williams, a politically active resident who has been a vocal advocate for a rainbow crosswalk in downtown NOTL, appears to have ordered an Uber ride to bring a minor to his family’s NOTL home.

The incident follows a sexually explicit online conversation with a man posing as a 15-year-old named "Jake" as part of a sting operation.

Williams was forced to leave the OUTniagara board four days prior to the initial Feb. 17 release of the video, which was posted on the YouTube channel of a group calling itself Regional Deviant Watch. 

Williams said his departure from OUTniagara's board was over "internal differences of opinion."

The organization said it was unaware of the existence of the video when Williams left.

YouTube says the video has been removed because it violates the platform's terms of service.

Over the past several days, Williams did not respond to multiple phone calls and messages seeking follow-up comment about the video and conversation. He earlier blocked a reporter from messaging on Facebook.

Last week Williams strongly denied any accusations of sexual misconduct.

“If there is a video posted alleging negative allegations attacking my character, they are incredibly hurtful and false in all respects,” he said in an emailed statement.

Last week, a Niagara Regional Police spokesperson confirmed officers are "aware" of the video and that "cyber crime detectives are investigating."

The Lake Report has obtained a copy of the video, which documents three men meeting with Williams outside his family's home in NOTL. The online conversation prior to the video contains several sexually explicit suggestions by Williams. 

Because of the explicit and sexual nature of the interaction, The Lake Report is not publishing full details of what was said.

In the video outside his home, Williams says he’s there to meet someone named "Jake." But after the person confronting him says Williams knows Jake is a minor, he says he doesn’t know any Jake.

The conversation to set up the sting begins on Grindr, a dating and sex app for gay men. After an introduction, the decoy asks to move the conversation to text messages, to which Williams agrees. 

Screenshots of the online and text chats with the decoy show Williams being informed the person won't be 16 until July, but he initially continues to have a sexually explicit conversation.

Later, Williams suggests because the person is a minor, they can just "hang out."

Williams then orders the Uber ride, at a cost of about $40, to bring "Jake" to his family's home in NOTL.

The man who confronts Williams in the video identified himself to The Lake Report as a 20-year-old Niagara Falls resident named Logan Bell.

In the video, Williams appears to be inebriated. Bell said they weren’t aware he was intoxicated based on the conversation, but that it was clear when they met him.

Bell was one of three men to confront Williams in the video. He said the others were there for “backup.”

Bell is not the person who had the decoy chat with Williams, but is the Niagara connection to Regional Deviant Watch, so the Uber was ordered to his home.

He said the whole conversation with Williams took place over about an hour.

A section of the video in which Williams apparently talks about being a board member of OUTniagara was edited out before The Lake Report could view it.

During the video, Williams says he was only wanting to “hang out” and counsel Jake "if you f------ had issues about your sexuality, I would f------  talk to you about that. That’s as far as it would go."

Bell notes the decoy never mentioned having issues with his sexuality.