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Oct. 16, 2021 | Saturday
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20 Years After 9/11: A song in the aftermath
Ground Zero from Hoboken, N.J.. (Luigi Novi/Wikimedia Commons)

Joe Vandelinde
Special to The Lake Report

Our personal 9/11 story is probably no different than millions of other people's.

Both my wife and I watched in horror as the tower scenes were played over and over. I think our minds ran the gamut of emotions – sadness, fear, bewilderment, pathos.

We felt a deep concern not only for our own safety but also for our many American friends.

On an even more personal level as I was working on a new CD at the time ("Songs and Seasons") and I thought that writing something about this tragedy might be fitting.

In the days that followed, I listened to stories of those directly affected and I tried to capture that on a personal level with a song. 

I called it "911 – In Memoriam" and I know some were touched by it.

I pray we never encounter anything like that again.