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May. 18, 2022 | Wednesday
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Tidbits: Council expenses, firefighters train for rural water operations, town upgrades planning job
File photo/Town hall

Councillors claim few expenses for 2020

Niagara-on-the-Lake councillors claimed few expenses in 2020.

Almost no councillors claimed expenses for conferences and events, except for Coun. Erwin Wiens who billed the town for $1,742.67 and Lord Mayor Betty Disero, who claimed $648, according to a town report.

In total, mileage expenses were $86.06, with Coun. Sandra O’Connor claiming nothing, Coun. Clare Cameron claiming $1.59 and the highest claim being Erwin Wiens with only $14.88.

Most committee members also claimed few or no expenses.

A full list of expenses can be found on the town's website in an information package attached to the committee's April 19 meeting agenda.  

Fire service boosts training 

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Fire Department will use its $8,900 portion of a $5-million provincial COVID-19 relief grant for training on rural water operations.

The fire department is revising its rural water supply operations and equipment, and will hold two training courses in spring or early summer. A  total of 60 members will be trained over the two weekends, says a report to town council.

The training wage for a volunteer firefighter is $21.93 per hour.

With 15 members attending each eight-hour day, training will cost $10,526. The $8,900 from the province will subsidize that expense, with the remaining balance of $1,626 coming from the operating budget.


Town upgrades heritage planner position

The Town of NOTL has upgraded a planning position to a senior planner for heritage issues.

The current position that is proposed to be converted is a planner II job, which pays $74,256 plus benefits. The recommended change would bring the position to the senior planner level, with a starting salary of $87,160.

The town says “by taking an existing position and repurposing it, there will be a minimal impact to the operating budget” with a change of $12,904 to the operations budget.

The position will be advertised both internally and externally.