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Apr. 16, 2021 | Friday
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Mystery of the missing 'Mist'
Supplied photo.

Richard West
Special to Niagara Now/The Lake Report

The pandemic has most of us doing things we do not normally do.

In my case it was to put a chair in my front garden to enjoy the morning spring sunshine. This allowed me to see the people walking past my house while catching some rays of not only sun, but hope as well.

It then occurred to me that I can’t sit there all day but people pass-by most of the day. I thought I’d give the passersby something to smile at.

I placed some books by the chair accompanied by a half-full bottle of Islay Mist scotch and a half-full tumbler.

I’m unsure if people had a smile at this or just thought I was mad, but the set up stayed there for just over a week.

Then I noticed something was wrong. Someone had helped themselves to my bottle of Islay Mist. Was I very upset? No. I just hope they enjoyed the cold tea from the bottle.