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May. 21, 2022 | Saturday
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'I got the shot:' NOTLers encourage others to get COVID-19 vaccine

With most of the region's 80-plus population having either got their first COVID-19 vaccination shot or been booked for one, some of those who have already got the jab shared their experiences with The Lake Report.

For residents like Bill Garriock, Donald Combe and Lena Disero, it's been a world of relief.

"When I got it, I felt I had gained 10 years," said Combe, adding that knowing his body now has what it takes to fight the virus brings a sense of relief and a feeling of safety.

He encourages anyone on the fence about taking the vaccine to get one.

"Go, just go. Whatever is offered, take it."

Garriock, while enjoying some gardening, said his experience was "actually a very good one."

"I couldn't get over how well-organized they were. My appointment was for 10:40, at 10:43 I had my sticker on my shirt."

He, too, said it gives him hope of getting back to some form of normalcy, but added it's important for people to remember it takes about two weeks until the shot becomes fully effective against the virus.

"You still got a good two weeks before you're really mostly protected, and then even after that you really have to continue to be careful because you can still catch the virus, except you just won't die of it, you won't end up in the hospital," he said.

"It's very important that people recognize that for the next little while — quite a while probably — we're going to have to continue to be very careful and follow the rules that are in place."

He said the shot didn't faze him.

"I felt well after. For me it was just like getting the normal flu shot. I had no side effects at all, and I wasn't looking for any, but there certainly were none there."

Lord Mayor Betty Disero's mother Lena, who also received her shot, said getting the vaccine felt like a weight was lifted off her shoulders.

She's still not leaving the house much, she said, but feels "relieved" and safer to go to the store for essential items.

"I was so happy to go and have my vaccine," she said, adding she's still following health and safety protocols, like hand washing and wearing a mask in town.

Did YOU get the shot?: We want to encourage everyone in the community to follow the science and get their shot when they are eligible. Tell us your story about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Email and provide us with all the details for a future edition of The Lake Report.