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Jan. 18, 2022 | Tuesday
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You ask, we answer: Is dog grooming an essential service?
File photo/Rene Bertschi

The Lake Report received a question from a NOTL resident asking about whether dog grooming is permitted during the province's COVID-19 lockdown. Here's what we found:

The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake said it's interpreting the province's lockdown guidelines to mean dog grooming is not allowed and is not an essential service.

In response to questions from The Lake Report, the town said according to the current regulation (O. Reg. 82/20) effective Dec. 26 that "pet grooming is not listed as a permissible service that may be open."

The town provided an excerpt from the previous lockdown regulation regarding grooming, as well as the new regulation.

Previously the regulation said "businesses that provide pet services, including pet grooming services, pet sitting services, pet walking services and pet training services, including services for the training and provision of service animals" could open.

However, that was revoked Dec. 26 and updated to say only businesses that provide pet training services exclusively for service animals can stay open.

"Given that they specifically revoked the former Section 23 that spoke to pet grooming and replaced it with “businesses that provide pet training services exclusively for service animals,” the town interprets this as the province’s intent to not allow for pet grooming, (unless, of course, a case can be made that grooming is necessary for the pet's "health and welfare”).