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Jan. 17, 2021 | Sunday
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Letter: Opinion column showed left-wing bias
Letter to the editor

Dear edtior:

I was surprised by the offensive debut column by Mike Keenan, "Politically confused? Here’s a primer on left, right and others," Oct. 8.

While I get the media leans heavily left, it is rare that the writer is so blatantly inappropriate in describing those they disagree with or, in Mr. Keenan’s case, those they clearly despise.

To suggest “the right“ would rather see someone die than help them out is beyond belief. I would suggest in his analogy that the “left” might be standing on shore yelling for the government to do something while the “right” would take the initiative to save the swimmer.

However, in my perspective I could not see anyone putting money before life. That level of discourse is best left to the CBC or Toronto Star, which unrepentently cater to the left. Most Liberals and Conservatives I know share a belief in basic human dignity and differ only in how we get to those goals.

Of course, the bias showed earlier in the article when political beliefs showed the “Atilla the Hun” right wingers with no mention of left-wing extremists. Perhaps that fits with Mr. Keenan’s beliefs and he is entitled to believe what he likes.

My only suggestion is that Mr. Keenan not hide behind a veneer of teaching others what the left and right stand for without stating his obvious bias. I am disappointed in the The Lake Report for going down this path. Usually your approach is much more measured.

Mike Macdonald