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May. 28, 2022 | Saturday
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COVID-19: Old Town sees 12,800 vehicles during weekend
Queen's Royal Park visitors. (Richard Harley)

More than 12,800 vehicles entered downtown NOTL this past weekend, according to the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Interim CAO Sheldon Randall updated council with some numbers on Monday. He said on the weekend of June 6-7, the town recorded 12,690 vehicles entering Old Town, on June 13-14 there were 11,864 and last weekend there were 12,852.

Furthermore, he said that last week, from June 15 to 21, the public washrooms in Old Town were used by 9,088 people.

“They’re getting well used. And I’m sure you can appreciate the amount of work that’s required to keep those washrooms clean, and that people are using them appropriately and physical distancing,” Randall said.

Niagara and other regions entered stage 2 of reopening last Friday, after three months of being shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lord Mayor Betty Disero said she was downtown a lot during the weekend and noticed almost no one was wearing a mask on Queen Street.

“That was concerning to me,” she told council.

Disero said she’s been getting plenty of letters from residents inquiring about making masks mandatory, but said she thinks that should be up to the region.

Town council also supported a letter from the Town of Fort Erie which asked the federal government to consider policies around mask-wearing when social distancing is not possible.