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May. 21, 2022 | Saturday
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Backhouse lights final fire, as chef switches to family-focused Ruffino's
Chef Ryan Crawford is excited about the transition from Backhouse to Ruffino's Pasta Bar & Grill. (Richard Harley)

NOTL's Backhouse restaurant is lighting its last fire, as it transitions fully into Ruffino’s Pasta Bar & Grill.

Chef Ryan Crawford, owner of both restaurants, says it’s a natural progression, to something he feels is more suited for families and fun.

While Backhouse was a cool-climate French tasting menu restaurant, Crawford said he’s excited to bring more of a family environment to town with the switch to Italian food.

Ruffino's was lauched over the winter as a pop-up restaurant operating a few days a week.

“We’re just gonna do what we do, but in a different sort of style. It’s gonna be more accessible. I want more families running around,” he said.

“I want to cook for my family and I think I stopped cooking for my family and cooking for the tourists,” he said of Backhouse.

“But I think now I’m cooking for everybody, so locals, tourists, everybody,” he said, adding that meal portions are bigger and prices are lower so “everybody can afford it.”

Backhouse closed officially on June 1 and Ruffino's took over the same day.