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Sep. 20, 2021 | Monday
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PHOTO: 'Flip Bar' lets neighbours be social – from a distance
Neighbours Sharon Brinsmead-Taylor and Tony Taylor with Dawn Walker-Krahn and Bill Krahn enjoy their shared "Flip Bar"- Supplied

What do friends who happen to be neighbours do when a six-foot-high fence separates them? They turn it into a "Flip Bar," of course. 

Neighbours Sharon Brinsmead-Taylor, Tony Taylor, Dawn Walker-Krahn and Bill Krahn are keeping two metres apart in their own yards as they enjoy a flip bar made from the fence between their properties.

After seeing a similar project posted online, Tony and Bill decided to flip the fence to create their own social distance watering hole at the beginning of May and have been enjoying it ever since.

Check out this link to see what inspired the Flip Bar.