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Sep. 21, 2021 | Tuesday
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COVID-19: NOTL councillor keeps busy at home during self-isolation
Coun. Clare Cameron works from home during self-isolation. (Supplied)

Coun. Clare Cameron is adjusting to self-isolation with her family thanks to a positive attitude and a full schedule of work and meetings, albeit by telephone.

Cameron, who also is NOTL’s deputy lord mayor, has been in self-isolation since March 16, when her family’s new au pair arrived from Germany to begin her role caring for the family’s young children, aged 3 and almost 18 months.

By then, those in contact with people arriving in Canada from COVID-19 affected countries had been instructed to self-isolate for 14 days.

“We’re all in good health,” Cameron said in a telephone interview from her home on Saturday, “and we have everything we need.”

She is not having any trouble passing the time while in self-isolation. 

“My days go by so quickly. There is so much information to process, this is not a break in any way,” she explained. 

There’s a lot of communication with council, and updates from Lord Mayor Betty Disero. And, “now that the province has permitted online meetings for local councils, as we’re trying to adjust we can still try to advance important business.”

In addition to her role on council, Cameron works in IT for the City of Burlington.

“I’m so glad we have the tools to work at home. There’s so much communication needed right now. (Friday), for example, I was on the phone pretty much non-stop from 8:30 to 5 p.m.”

As far as activities with her children, “we’re playing games, listening to music, having dance parties, doing puzzles and crafts. We do go outside for a walk, keeping away from other people, or maybe kick a soccer ball around. Getting some sunshine and fresh air is so great.”

On a more philosophical note, Cameron said, “It makes you realize what is most vital. I really hope people cling to those things that make us feel as normal as possible.”

As for what she misses since starting self-isolation, Cameron said, “I was just thinking about the experience of going to a cafe with a friend, having a coffee and chatting, with lots of other people around. I’m unexpectedly missing the freedom to do that, just to get together with friends. We take it for granted.”

Her advice for others during this time? “I would just encourage everyone, if you have a few spare moments in your day, call your friends, family, co-workers, have those conversations you would otherwise have over a coffee or out for a walk.” 

Cameron’s 14 days will be over at the end of day on April 1, but she plans to still stick near home, even then. 

“It’s so important right now for everyone to stay close to home. It’s best (to) stay in as much as possible and follow the advice from Health Canada and the province, going out only for the most essential reasons.”