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May. 24, 2022 | Tuesday
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UPDATE - Supposed barn fire at dismantled grow-op an open-air burn of debris
Controlled agricultural burns are common for farms. The fire at the Concession 4 Road property was an open-air burn of debris and refuge. (Brittany Carter/Niagara Now)

A supposed barn fire at Mori Nurseries on Thursday morning was an unattended open-air burn at the rear of a property on Concession 4 Road, said Nick Ruller, NOTL’s fire chief.

Ruller said six trucks arrived on scene in response to a report of a possible barn fire, where the department discovered and extinguished the burn of a “large amount of debris and refuse.”

He said the fire was not an agricultural burn.

According to an employee of 30 years who declined to give his name, the fire was a controlled burn of shrubs in an empty part of the farm.

“There was no barn fire. There was a controlled burn at the back of the lot,” the employee said.

He added that police were at the farm because of the call about the supposed fire.

The farm is currently the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Niagara Regional Police after an illegal growing operation was dismantled at the location last Thursday, when police seized 1,031 marijuana plants.

Police were at the farm this Thursday as part of an ongoing investigation, Stephanie Sabourin, media relations specialist for the Niagara Regional Police said in an email response to requests from The Lake Report.

Two uniform officers were called to the area of Line 1 Road and Concession 4 Road following the report of a structure fire, she added.

“When officers arrived, they activated the Guns, Gangs and Grows Unit for further investigation due to the presence of cannabis plants,” she said in the response.


Correction An earlier version of this story stated that the fire was a controlled burn of shrubs, as said by an employee of Mori Nurseries. After confirmation from the NOTL Volunteer Fire Department, the fire was in fact an open, unattended fire of debris and refuse.