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May. 24, 2022 | Tuesday
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Chisholm: An update on Fort Mississauga
Fort Mississauga in October 2014. (Supplied photo)

I’ve always been fascinated with Fort Mississauga, long before I moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake. It fired my imagination to see the original structure almost in ruins, never fully restored, lying in decaying majesty on its own original embankments — in the middle of a golf course. Long after I moved to town, I enjoyed walking the trail through the golf course to photograph the fort in its many moods on the shoreline. I loved the time at sunset when the red bricks were seemingly set on fire by the setting sun.

But the last 205 years have been hard on the structure. Now we’re very pleased to see the old fort tower being rehabilitated by Parks Canada. One of the first steps in this re-habilitation is the need for a new roof. Scaffolding has surrounded the fort for months but is soon due to be removed once the top layers of brick are rebuilt and the new roof can be installed. In fact, the deterioration under the old roof caused by leaking water, has necessitated the removal of the top layers of bricks and the rebuilding of the four corners at the top.

The Friends of Fort George recently had an update from Parks Canada and we can report now that as of August, a lot of the work has been completed and the new roof should be installed by late October. This roof will have dormers and will look like the roof that was on 100 years ago. As well, the new roof will have solar panels that will generate enough power to provide site lighting to improve security.

Several years ago, you may remember, the Friends hosted an event at Fort Mississauga one fall evening. That event raised some funds that we’ve been holding for the restoration and that we now wish to pass over to Parks Canada for a new, secure front door to the tower. So, we are planning another event in the spring of 2020 to help show off the work that has been done to the fort and the new secure front door. We are hoping then that the interior will be open again to the public for that event.

The Friends of Fort George will have more information on the Fort Mississauga event soon.

Tony Chisholm

President, The Friends of Fort George

The Friends of Fort George is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with Parks Canada to preserve, promote and protect the heritage of Niagara National Historic Sites.  Through special events and the operation of two gift shops, the Friends of Fort George generate awareness and funds to support student summer employment opportunities at Fort George & Brock’s Monument. Last year we provided funds for an additional 16 students who worked on site all summer.   

The Friends of Fort George Gift Shop contains a wonderful collection of heritage items, books, souvenirs and more!