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May. 27, 2022 | Friday
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Drive-by shooting in St. Davids has neighbourhood on edge
Only the exterior of the house at 31 Kenmir Avenue, which was targeted in drive-by shooting last Sunday, was struck. (Dariya Baiguzhiyeva/Niagara Now)

St. Davids residents who live near a house that was shot at in a targeted drive-by shooting say they are nervous and worried. 

Niagara Regional Police are seeking at least two men after four shots were fired at a home at 31 Kenmir Ave. early Sunday.

Erika Johnson, who lives across from the targeted house, said she now feels nervous letting her dog out at night.

“If we weren’t in the process of moving, I would’ve gotten more cameras,” she said in an interview, adding she will feel more comfortable once whoever is responsible for the shooting is caught.

Another Kenmir Avenue resident, Nadia Black, shared the same sentiment, saying it was “shocking” that a shooting happened in such a “quiet” neighbourhood.

At the time of the shooting, neighbour Lee Harag said he and his wife Stef heard some noise but didn’t know what it was. About 20 minutes later, 10 police cars with a canine unit showed up, Harag said.

“It is very strange,” Harag commented, noting he would expect something like this to happen in Toronto, not in NOTL. “I might install security cameras.”

However, one area resident who insisted on remaining anonymous, said she is not worried and said she thinks St. Davids is “still a safe neighbourhood.”

Just after midnight an unidentified man fired at least four shots into a residence near Kenmir Avenue and Tanbark Road before fleeing, Niagara Regional Police said. Police would not release the address, but neighbours confirmed it was 31 Kenmir Ave.

No one was home at the time and only the exterior of the house was damaged, investigators said.

Members of the force’s forensic service unit examined the scene for evidence. No damage was visible from the street.

The shooter was a rear passenger in an older, possibly early 2000s, four-door silver Volkswagen Golf, police said. 

The car had a light blue patch on the front passenger door and the front silver rims are different than the rear silver rims.

The vehicle was spotted in the neighbourhood several hours prior to the shooting, investigators said.

Members of the public and witnesses provided officers with detailed descriptions of the vehicle. Police also obtained surveillance camera photos of the suspects’ car.

“While there were no injuries, detectives believe this was a targeted event,” police said in a statement.

Marilyn Milanis, who lives on Bunny Glen Drive, which runs parallel to Tanbark Road, said the fact there was a shooting in a “quiet little” St. Davids neighbourhood was “shocking.”

“That sense of security we had is kind of tarnished now,” she told The Lake Report.

Milanis said she hopes it was a “one-off” incident that won’t happen again.

Police are asking St. Davids-area residents to “review the photos of the vehicle and give some consideration to the timeline of the incident. If they have any exterior security video cameras we would ask them to review the footage and contact us if they have captured anything suspicious.” 

Anyone with information is asked to contact detectives at 905-688-4111, dial option 3, badge #9361.