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May. 24, 2022 | Tuesday
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Betty & Jane Plunger Patrol - Golden Plunger: Hinterbrook
Jordan Cowe accepts the Golden Plunger for Hinterbrook. (Submitted)

The Plunger Team was meandering along Lakeshore Road when we came upon Hinterbrook Estate Winery.

As we entered the winery it had a distinct feel of “artistic peace,” much like an art gallery, with a unique selection of wines displayed in small groupings. The Nomad label speaks of the true expression of the land with artwork depicting the spirit of Canadians. The phrase coined by fellow sports enthusiasts, “We The North,” comes to mind when enjoying this winery. While drinking in the atmosphere we learned that unique cab franc grapes are used to make Hinterbrook’s popular Franc Blanc wine.

As the Plunger Nomads visited the privy we noted the attention given to hygiene and cleanliness. The restroom was brightly lit and was accessible for all seeking comfort on their journey. Guests of the winery are encouraged to design a personal Nomad label, becoming a part of this story.

3/5 Gold Plungers