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Oct. 21, 2021 | Thursday
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NOTL golfers squeak out win over U.S. rivals
NOTL Golf Club team captain John Wiens, left, is congratulated on the team's win by his Niagara Frontier club counterpart Pete Lovering, right. In background are pros Billy Simkin of NOTL, left, and Dan Antonucci of Frontier. (Kevin MacLean/Niagara Now) 

The NOTL Golf Club men’s team stormed back Sunday from a 12-point deficit to narrowly recapture what’s billed as the oldest international inter-club competition in North America.

NOTL defeated the team from Niagara Frontier Golf Club in Youngstown, N.Y., by two points to win the annual match play competition. 

Nobody is sure how long the event has been going on, just that it’s been way longer than any other such international contest, said U.S. captain Pete Lovering.

Niagara-on-the-Lake pro Billy Simkin and 11 players travelled to Youngstown on Saturday where the home team easily won the first leg of the team better ball competition 24-12.

With 72 points at stake Sunday at home in head-to-head singles matches, the NOTLers prevailed, but the teams were so close that it came down to the final foursome. Mike Eagen stole a point in a see-saw match versus Dragan Racic to help the team to victory.

Team players were: Ted Carmichael, Joe Doria, Mike Eagen, Peter Falconer, Kevin MacLean, Roman Mamalyga, Ron Planche, Rob Reimer, Joe Taylor, John Wiens and Dow Wright.

Business Ladies June 17:

Low gross: Petra Browning (43). Low net: Marion Row. Closest to the line: Ann Watson. Long drive: Wendy Edwards, Karen Bellamy. Long putt: Angela Redekopp, Jane Barnet. Closest to barrel: Kim Breakspeare. Closest to pin: Monica D’Andrea, M. Jane Catcher, Wendy Edwards. 50/50: Jennifer Matsushita ($140).

WOOFs league June 18: Low gross: Don Allen (even par 36). Low net: Keith Lay (28). Closet to pin: Gerry Sibbald (#4). Hidden hole: Ken Wilms (#9). 

Womens 9 Hole League June 18:

Low gross Chris Walker (50), Judy Cardiff (52). Low net: Marlene Sibbald (35), Trish Anthony, Chris Walker (37). Fewest putts: Penny Bannister (14), Sharon Allen (17). Day game winners Rosemary Vysohlid, Jo Castledine.

Friday Couples league June 21:

First: Frank & Sue Avent and Don & Cathy Saytar (28, lowest score this year). Second: Tim & Kathy Taylor and Jim & Janice McMacken (28). Third: Gerry Shelly & Peggy Larder and Stephen & Nikki Jenkins (29). Most honest:  Keith & Wilca Lay and Bernard & Sharron Marlow. Closest to pin: Grant Williams, Lyn Sanders.

Tuesday women’s league June 25:

Lisa Allen was the big winner, with best low gross (88) and net (67), second fewest putts (31) and closest to the pin (#13). Low gross: second Barbara Ahluwalia (93), Ginny Green (95). Net: Ahluwalia (68), Chris Earl and Sharron Marlow (71). Fewest putts: Peggy Larder (28), Andrea Douglas, Marie Ellison, Patty Garriock and Cathy Murray (31), Green (32). Closest to pin: Ahluwalia (#4). Birdie: Larder (#2). Chip-ins: Garriock (#10), Larder (#15).