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May. 21, 2022 | Saturday
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Raptors licence plate from mid-2000s was an omen of team's historic victory
Stevensville resident Chris Wiens bought this Toronto Raptors licence plate in the mid-2000s. The numbers are coincidentally representative of the Raptors' NBA championship victory in 2019. (Supplied photo)

It wasn't until the Toronto Raptors championship series that something strange dawned on Chris Wiens.

In the mid-2000s, he had purchased a Toronto Raptors customized licence plate — one that would turn out to be a harbinger of the team's success. The plate number, next to a Raptor logo, reads: 20RA19.

It’s just a big coincidence, says Wiens, of Stevensville, Ont., who humbly admits he didn't even pick the numbers.

“I bought a used car up in Georgetown and I went to the local licence bureau and just bought some Raptors plates, and those are the numbers that I got … the random numbers that came next off the pile, I guess. Of course, I didn’t think anything of the number at the time.”

He was watching game four on Friday when it hit him.

“(I said), it’s an omen. They’re going to win, baby!”

The plates have since been taken off the car and while Wiens isn’t sure yet what he’ll do with them, he has some ideas about making a Raptors display.

“You know, put the records of how they made out in the playoffs, and all the team members and stuff, and maybe just make some kind of display with them hanging up.”

He would put them back on the car, he says, “but then I’d worry about them being swiped I guess.”