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May. 22, 2022 | Sunday
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Carlotta takes home bronze in international gelato competition
Carlotta Cattani, right, with fellow winners of the International Gelato Competition 2019 in Boston. (Supplied)

Local resident Jane Overmeyer recently called the paper to let us know of a resident’s international award win for gelato.

Carlotta Cattani of NOTL’s  “il Gelato di Carlotta” took home a bronze medal at the International Gelato Competition held this past weekend in Boston. It is the second time Cattani has won bronze in the competition.

“The competition attracted thousands of people and it is a great achievement for Carlotta to take the bronze medal for the second time,” said Overmeyer. It is also wonderful publicity for our town.”

Overmeyer said she’s delighted for her friend.

“Carlotta sadly lost her husband Zuhair (Kash) Kashmeri this past Christmas. He was a very well-known journalist for The Globe and Mail and Bill Hamilton of the NOTL Writers’ Circle wrote a very good article on him, which was published in your newspaper,” Overmeyer wrote us in an email.

“Kash would have been very proud  to hear that his wife had won bronze again.”