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May. 20, 2022 | Friday
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Ravenshead Homes a true Niagara business
James Green, owner of Ravenshead Homes, with his wife Kayla and son Cameron. (Brittany Carter/Niagara Now)


Custom-built and within budget, Ravenshead Homes Inc. is the go-to for large or small remodels and renovations in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

James Green, owner of Ravenshead Homes, has 15 years of experience in construction and contracting work – lending his knowledge and expertise to create the envisioned remodel, addition or renovation of your dreams.

Everyone is busy and Green knows that, which is why he had an interactive online forum developed.

“We do have a user-friendly, interactive web page to be able to build your dream addition.”

The Nest program allows hopeful residents to fine-tune potential projects while remaining within budget. The free service is available online at, established to help determine if Ravenshead is the right fit for your next renovation project.

“So, that way you can tailor a preliminary estimate based on your selections. They can go through and pick all their options, and if the estimate is too high, they could go through and change some of their options to better suit their budget.”

He’s not in the business of wasting time – he’s efficient and wants customers to receive exactly what they’re looking for in home improvement endeavours.

He understands that sometimes, you may not know which direction you’re headed when starting a renovation project – that’s where The Nest program comes in.

On top of preparing initial estimates and showcasing available options, Green also educates on materials and services available – one of the qualities setting Ravenshead Homes above its competitors.

“When we try to tell people about the options for an addition and foundation, some people don’t know that you don’t have to do a full basement, you don’t have to do a crawl space. You can accomplish that with helical piles.”

In addition to a rapidly growing reputation of efficient, quality work, Ravenshead Homes is a verified Baeumler Approved business.

Bryan Baeumler is the founder of Baeumler Quality Construction and is a Gemini-award winning host on home improvement TV shows House of Bryan, Disaster DIY and Leave it to Bryan. Under his brand, Baeumler Approved members need to demonstrate quality work and customer satisfaction to become certified.

Ravenshead Homes has done that in spades.

Green went to Niagara College to become a certified home inspector, using that knowledge to take the renovation business a step further.

“It is a benefit knowing all the aspects of a home. We’ll go through the home in a renovation mindset, but also with a keen eye to see anything that would stand out in a home inspection standpoint.”

A member of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors, Green’s credentials and experience speak for themselves.

As an active member of the Niagara community, Ravenshead Homes is sponsoring the Garden City Comedy Festival, from May 1 to 4.

Just finishing up on a large family home on King Street, Green says Ravenshead is available for your next large-scale renovation.

“Inspect, design, build – we come full circle.”