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May. 18, 2022 | Wednesday
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Annual hunt for golden egg about to begin
The golden egg hunt begins. (File photo)

It’s become an Easter tradition local kids look forward to every year — and it isn’t the bunny trail, though it does involve an egg hunt.

For a ninth year, local real estate sales representative Stefan Regier will be doing a little something extra for the kids in town, by hiding a single golden egg somewhere in town as part of a challenge for all.

The winner takes home a whopping $500 prize.

With the stakes so high — and the allure of the golden egg — it has morphed into something even Regier didn’t see coming, jesting he’s even been stalked by a gang of 10-year-olds.

“As we’re going for a walk, I hear this clanging. I look back and just over a half a block behind us, there’s this army of kids, like six or seven kids, on their bicycles. As soon as I turned around, they jumped into someone’s yard. I thought, (wow) these kids are following me.”

After telling his wife of his suspicions, she told him “these kids aren’t following you.”

But shortly after dinner that night, Regier went for a walk with his own kids.

“When I opened my door there was a kid out in the middle of the road on his bicycle. As soon as he saw me he bolted,” he chuckles as he tells the story.

Later he learned the kids had planned a sleepover so they could trail him as he hid the egg. So, naturally, he decided to go hang out in a decoy park for a while.

“When we got home I told my wife, I said I’m a really bad person but I have to do this. So, everyone went in the house except for myself. I went back and went down Rye Street and went to Rye Street Park. I could see these kids, they were following me. So I went into Rye Street Park and I hung out for like 15 minutes in the dark and then I came back out. I saw all these bicycles on the front yard and they were frantically talking to their grandmother.

Let’s talk about my golden egg.

“They were convinced that this egg was in the park,” he recalls.

I felt guilty so I went to this old town candy shop and picked up five or six baggies of candy. I felt bad they were so crestfallen.”

Regier plans to hide the egg somewhere on Easter morning this year. For those who may try to follow him, he warns that he can be tricky.

“This year there’s going to be a couple people going out at the same time and no one’s going to know who has the egg … I may have the egg, I may not have the egg.”

People will know when it’s happening though, and he plans to run an ad in The Lake Report leading up to the challenge.

For Regier, events like this bring him back to his youth.

“When I was a kid, the big Easter egg hunt used to be at Simcoe Park, not at the community centre. For the kids they used to throw the eggs on the ground, but for the bigger kids, they had to actually go through the park and look for eggs, and not everybody got everything. It was sponsored and there were prizes, if you found a gold egg, like you won a bicycle or something like that.”

He said next year he and his real estate partner Michelle Reynolds plan to bring back the Easter egg hunt at Simcoe.

“I’ve already got my special events permit from town,” Regier said.

In the end, it’s just supposed to be something fun for the community, to get them out enjoying the town.

“I’ve always been active, not hugely active, but big on doing stuff in the community. Like people coming out and doing stuff … We’ve got such a gorgeous town, and if you don’t spend time in town, you don’t know what you’ve got and then when it’s gone everyone’s gone. Enjoy what we have, we’ve got such a tremendous lifestyle out here. A lot of people maybe take it for granted or don’t realize it. I know for myself, I didn’t realize how great life was down here, ‘til I moved to Toronto for school ... You don’t realize how great life is down here.

“Because of this golden egg these kids are having this sleepover and planning this event to follow me at night.”