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May. 11, 2021 | Tuesday
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Enbridge gas rates increase
Enbridge Gas customers will see a rise in their bills this year. (File photo/Pixabay))

Enbridge Gas rates went up starting Jan. 1.

For a typical Enbridge gas customer, the price will increase by about 6.2 per cent or $54.16 a year for home and water heating. The total bill would be about $926 a year.

Tanya Bruckmueller, manager of external communications at Enbridge Gas Inc., couldn’t provide details on how much gas Niagara Region or Niagara-on-the-Lake’s residents use.

"But a typical customer in Ontario uses 2,400 cubic meters per year," said Bruckmueller. “The annual bill increase based on that average is about $4.5 per month or $54 a year.”

The increase is primarily due to higher natural gas prices in North America, according to the Enbridge Gas’ press release.

“Enbridge does not earn a profit on the price of natural gas – costs are passed through to customers without any mark-up. Any difference between forecast prices and actual prices is either collected from or returned to customers through the rates we charge,” said the media release.

The last total annual bill for typical gas customers in October 2018 was about $873 a year.

Enbridge sends rate adjustment to The Ontario Energy Board applications every three months. The board then reviews and accepts them.

One Enbridge Gas customer said the rates “go up and down all the time.”

“Less than five dollars a month won’t kill me,” he said.

Another Enbridge customer agreed.

"$5.74 a year will not affect me in the slightest," she said. "Neither would a $54 increase annually."