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May. 11, 2021 | Tuesday
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Town approves committees and boards for term
The town council was presented with a preliminary list of applicants for approval at a Special Council meeting on Jan. 28. (Supplied)

Niagara-on-the-Lake council has appointed more than 90 people to sit on town committees for the next four years.

“We tried to get a good mix, a combination of people who had some experience previously on the committee, while bringing new people, the new pair of eyes to look at the issues those committees will be addressing,” said Coun. Clare Cameron.

People who had previously served on a committee did not have any advantage over new applicants in the assessment process, said Lord Mayor Betty Disero.

Most committees received a large number of applications, according to Cameron, though some (like the inclusivity committee or the joint accessibility advisory committee) didn’t receive enough applications.

The town will be advertising and calling for more applications later in the year.

A number of additions were made during the special council meeting.

The town approved to add two members, David Bell and Walter Konik, to the transportation advisory committee.

The council also advised the safety membership committee to add one member from the agricultural community to the committee.

“The Ontario Federation of Agriculture made a very strong recommendation to municipal-elected officials to involve members of the agricultural community in all matters of transportation,” said Cameron.

She said the recommendation is because of the large sizes, weights, and lack of manoeuvrability of farm vehicles on municipal roads.

Coun. Stuart McCormack noticed Bob Stelmach was already a member of three committees, so he suggested replacing Stelmach from the Communities in Bloom with Judith Patey instead.

Director of community and development Craig Larmour explained that the reason behind the odd number of people on committees is that there wouldn’t be a tie when it comes to voting.

“When there’s an absence, [a tie] is always possible. When there’s a conflict of interest, that’s always possible as well,” said Larmour. “As far for the number of members, that’s really up to each municipality.”

Among those appointed to town committees are:

Agricultural committee: Coun. Wendy Cheropita, Coun. Erwin Wiens, Dennis Dick, John Fedorkow, Kathryn Hoshkiw, Austin Kirby, John Thwaites, Chris VandeLaar, Kai Wiens.

Committee of adjustment: Steve Bartolini, John Bice, Ken Douglas, Eric Lehtinen, Allen Snider, Bob Stelmach, Richard Ventresca.

Community Wellness committee: Lord Mayor Betty Disero, Allan Brockway, Cindy Grant, Paul Jurbala, Terry MacTaggart, Catharine Novick, Sean Simpson.

Glendale taskforce: Coun. Stuart McCormack, Coun. Norm Arsenault, Terry Flynn, Steve Hardaker, Al Hosein, Amarjog Johal, Niagara College Rep (TBD).

Heritage Trail committee: Coun. Al Bisback, Frances Boot, Tony Chisholm, Rick Coyne, Rick Meloen, Fred Sentineal, Ryan Tregunno.

Municipal heritage committee: Coun. Clare Cameron, Coun. Al Bisback, Amanada Demers, Drew Chapman, Philip Hoad, Janice Johnston, David Parker, Rita Trudeau, Ron Dale (Museum Representative).

Transportation advisory committee: Coun. Norm Arsenault, David Bell, William Carson, Terry Davis, Greg Dell, Margaret Louter, Gerry McIlhone, Joe Pitushka, Walter Konik.

Tree advisors: Buddy Andres, Rene Schmitz.

Urban design committee: Coun. Clare Cameron, David Anthony, John Gartner, David Israelson, Peter Neame, Gordon Stratford, David Parker (MHC Representative).

For the full list, go to NOTL website.