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Daily Archives: May 16, 2022

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Letter: Where is due diligence for McNab four-way stop?

Dear editor: Well, I have read the article in regard to the stop sign for Church Road at McNab, "Four-way stop coming to Church and McNab,"...

Letter: Veterinarian went above and beyond to help ill dog

Dear editor: This is a dog tale not about a coyote attack but rather a case of food poisoning and an amazing veterinarian who went above...

Letter: Real leadership is needed to halt NOTL’s slow decline

Dear editor: Shock, denial, anger and depression – yes, I feel I am experiencing all these emotions as I watch the slow decline of Niagara-on-the-Lake, a...

Letter: Those ‘no parking’ signs near Grist restaurant are unnecessary

Dear editor: I am not a patron of the Grist restaurant in St. Davids, just opposed to knee-jerk reactions by town council. I cannot agree more...

Letter: Not impressed with mayoral candidates so far

Dear editor: So far, I am less than impressed with the two candidates who have announced their intentions to run for the position of lord...

Letter: Please don’t restrict use of old railway trail

Dear editor: Since we all have the right to our own opinion, I can tell you that I rarely agree with issues regarding Rainer Hummel. However,...

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