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Daily Archives: Jan 18, 2022

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Roundabout could be costly, hurt businesses, owners say

This is one in a series of stories on a regional proposal to build a roundabout at the main intersection in St. Davids. Thomas Elltoft, part-owner...

Resident groups wantChautauqua parking restrictions made permanent

The Friends of Ryerson Park and the Chautauqua Residents Association have asked the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake to make parking restrictions in the neighbourhood of...

Dr. Brown: Proteins and artificial intelligence a major scientific triumph

In biology, structure dictates function. That’s certainly the case with protein-encoding genes: the sequence of bases in a specific gene dictates the sequence of bases in...

NOTL youth council has big plans for 2022

????Tannin Driedger-Bradshaw Special to The Lake Report Members of the Lord Mayor's Youth Advisory Council are especially excited this year to again play a part in helping our...

A reminder of importance of the food supply chain

While enduring nearly two years COVID-19, we have been bombarded with new words, new phrases and new knowledge.  We have learned so much about things...

Editorial: Around and around

We love roundabouts. They are safe, efficient and keep traffic moving. Anyone who has driven in Europe or the United Kingdom knows that roundabouts (aka...

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