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Daily Archives: Mar 7, 2020

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Cooking with Collin: Cajun Shrimp a crowd pleaser

Collin Goodine Special to The Lake Report Whether your desire is lobster, crawfish, shrimps or langoustine, these beautifully sweet crustaceans are a treat at the table. A...

Hometown Traveller: The Queen Mary 2

At the reception desk of a five-star hotel in Singapore, the front desk clerk pointed a silver gun at the foreheads of my wife and I.

Stay Fit NOTL: Recovery and repair

Jaclyn Willms Special to The Lake Report Recovery is important for the body. It gives the body time to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues. The...

Exploring Photos with Jim Smith: Inside the clock tower

Very few people see what it looks like behind the face of the town’s clock tower and cenotaph. As seen above, there are four light bulbs...

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