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Daily Archives: Jan 12, 2020

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Young Canadians more likely to drive high, CAA poll finds

Seventy per cent of younger Canadians aren't likely to plan alternative travel arrangements after consuming cannabis, new research from the Canadian Automobile Association has found...

Exploring photos: Niagara Home Bakery

Literally everyone in town knew John and Paul Albrechtsan of the Niagara Home Bakery. It was probably one of the most frequented stores in town. Up to the...

Artist with NOTL roots brings focus back home

Scott Steele is pragmatic – he says he learned early if he wanted to make a living as an artist he would need to...

Stay Fit: Consistency key to getting in shape

"This year I’m going to start exercising.” “This year, I’m going to lose all my extra weight.” “This year I’m going to take better care of...

Arch-i-text: A colourful history

For some reason there is a commonly held opinion that the homes of our immigrant ancestors were boring and somewhat sombre places. When asked to...

Cooking with Collin: A sweet, spicy, sticky sauce

Collin Goodine Special to The Lake Report Who doesn’t love chicken wings? This is a recipe that is a little out of the ordinary but allows...

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