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Daily Archives: Sep 29, 2019

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Letter: What happened to the scientific method?

Dear Editor: In the last two issues of The Lake Report, I read two dissenting articles regarding our prime minister. As a public figure, elected...

Letter: Trudeau only sorry because he got caught

Dear editor: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must be judged by his own standards. He has called others racist, homophobic, Islamophobic etc., without proof. He would not take it easy if it was...

Op-ed: The case for good management

Brian Marshall In the Sept. 16 meeting of town council, Coun. Clare Cameron made an impassioned statement concerning the importance of protecting our town’s heritage assets...

Letter: Thanks to the community for support of Terry Fox Run

Dear Editor: Terry Fox brought out the best in us — compassion, togetherness and generosity. This was evident as we gathered together on Sept. 15 at Simcoe...

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