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Daily Archives: Jul 26, 2019

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Letter to the editor: Cyclists already getting hurt on NOTL’s roads

SUBMITTED BY ELIZABETH MASSON, NOTL.OPINION Dear editor: Re: the letter to editor, “Cycling tourists are an accident waiting to happen,” July 11. Unfortunately, accidents to cycling tourists...

Letter to the editor: Cyclist squeezed out by another driver in a hurry

SUBMITTED BY GILBERT COMEAULT, NOTL.OPINION Dear editor:  I was biking on John Street toward Butler, riding on the right side of the road as a garbage truck on...

Letter to the editor: Randwood developer’s arguments are solely self-serving

SUBMITTED BY DEREK COLLINS, NOTL.OPINION Dear editor: Your news story from a presentation to town councillors, “Randwood owner denies demolition by neglect,” The Lake Report, July 11, contains...

Letter to the editor: Sentineals’ horses are well-treated and loved

SUBMITTED BY LORRAINE WARNER, NOTL.OPINION Dear editor:  Thank you for your prompt editorial comment regarding the horse carriages in our lovely town, “News has to be...

Letter to the editor: Allow overnight parking and approve Queenston winery application

SUBMITTED BY EDGAR AND MARIA MORISS, NOTL.OPINION The following letter was sent to members of NOTL council. A copy was submitted to The Lake Report...

Letter to the editor: Horse protests frustrating but legal, mayor says

SUBMITTED BY LORD MAYOR BETTY DISERO, TOWN OF NOTL.OPINION NOTL Lord Mayor Betty Disero issued the following statement via social media this week: I am allowed...

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