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Daily Archives: May 3, 2019

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Letter to the editor: Column was demeaning attack on Doug Ford

SUBMITTED BY MICHAEL MACDONALD, NOTL.OPINION Dear Editor: I was disappointed but not surprised when managing editor Kevin MacLean’s opinion piece (Stand up for libraries. And education. And...

Letter to the editor: Loan system was entertainment lifeline

SUBMITTED BY LOU FEDORKOW, QUEENSTON.OPINION Dear Editor: The interlibrary loan program has been the primary service I use at the NOTL library, as I am largely...

Letter to the editor: Harmony group wants a park for everyone

SUBMITTED BY DEBI GOODWIN, HARMONY RESIDENTS GROUP, NOTL.OPINION Dear Editor: Thanks to James Tupman for acknowledging clarifications that I made in a letter to address a letter he’d sent...

Letter to the editor: Protecting freedom trumps displeasure with protests

SUBMITTED BY BILL TALBOT, NOTL.OPINION Dear Editor: It is with dismay, that I read Mr. Cochrane’s opinion piece in the April 18 edition of The Lake...

Letter to the editor: Short-term visitors are vital to NOTLs economy

SUBMITTED BY JASON CLEMENTS, NOTL.OPINION Dear Editor: Do we not want tourists coming to NOTL? I agree that local bylaws should be followed and all short-term rentals...

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