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Aug. 17, 2019 | Saturday
Editorials and Opinions
Opinion: Let’s ban protests in NOTL
At War for Animals Niagara supporters protested in Niagara-on-the-Lake Saturday. Such demonstrations shouldn’t be allowed, says letter writer Bill Cochrane Sr. (Brittany Carter/Niagara Now)


On Saturday, I made my weekly shopping trip to Queen Street to be greeted by folks with posters and tarted-up automobiles protesting the horse drawn carriages. I met no local taxpayers holding signs.

Those that did were interlopers who probably pay no taxes anywhere! They were objecting to working horses doing that for which they were bred ... working! Something unknown to these protesting galoots.

Work to eat ... novel, right. They have no concept of the cost of maintenance required for food and board of these beautiful animals and their minders.

The alternative would be no need for the horse and extinction would be the ultimate fate of the horse and alternate employment, or unemployment, for their minder where they could party with the sign holders for they too would have no purpose.

It is time for the town to get to work and pass a bylaw that bans all protest, for everything on the streets of our town’s tourism district. There should be free and unencumbered mobility for our visitors.

The horses and carriages are part of our heritage and an attraction for tourists and in no way is harmful to the horse. The sign holders are a detriment and a disgrace and will ultimately kill the tourist trade.

The solution is not to forbid the noble horse but the intruding layabout sign holders. Now, will Canada’s only Lord Mayor and her councillors get on with their job of protecting the rights of local business owners, residents and the historical nature of the town or will they shilly-shally and merely rearrange the deck chairs and await the final transformation of our beautiful town into a Mississauga wannabe.