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Jun. 15, 2019 | Saturday
Editorials and Opinions
Letter to the editor: To the horse and carriage protesters
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Dear Editor,

When Adam Stirr, spokesperson for At War For Animals Niagara, holds an “End speciesism” sign, I pray his empathy and viewpoint reach out to Chippettes and greyhounds racing at dog tracks, to tortoises who compete to a finish line at the speed of molasses, and to cockroaches who meander in a straight line against each other in many countries. Other species are placed in this position for human pleasure and/or as a mode of gambling.

I assume that AWFAN abides by the equal rights (and due consideration) clause with respect to creature size, number of appendages, appearance and gender.

Perhaps a protest group whose name begins with At War does not prescribe to Gandhi’s peaceful philosophy of passive resistance. Locals For Carriages have witnessed harassing behaviour, i.e. following carriages and shouting comments to carriage drivers.

Speciesism is also against the use of service and police dogs. Do the advocates actually believe the disabled, deaf and blind aided by service dogs and police forces whose canines are “sergeants at arms” would treat these dogs with less than high admiration, respect and love?

I know precisely how my brethren Shriners, who in Toto subsidize 22 North American hospitals dedicated to burnt and handicapped children would feel on this issue.

How shameful and cold-hearted ... the tears are falling on my words.

Stephen Oprici