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Jun. 20, 2019 | Thursday
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NOTL Transit has been rolling for seven years
Niagara-on-the-Lake Transit buses completed seven years on April 2, 2019. (Arjun Saroy/Special)

Niagara-on-the-Lake Transit marked seven years of service on April 2.

NOTL only has two buses and they serve routes that link the Old Town, Virgil and Glendale, where passengers can make connections to other Niagara Regional Transit routes. The fare is $3 cash one-way, and all buses are wheelchair accessible. 

Resident Jonathan Banks  feels the bus service is underutilized. “I use the bus service quite often. One thing I find very weird is that people don’t use transit here as much. Most of the times I am the only one in the bus.”

“Only if people here used the service more often would they know how much fun it is to commute with fellow residents and chat about absolutely anything with the drivers,” he said.

Bani Kaur, who lives in NOTL and is a student at Niagara College, says she thinks the bus service in NOTL is the “most efficient” of all the Niagara regional transit services.

“It covers all the main streets pretty well, and they (buses) are every half hour which makes it even more convenient,” said Kaur. “I take the bus mostly when I want to go grab some groceries. It’s never crowded. I also commute via buses when I want to go to Old Town since I don’t have to pay for parking then.”

Tasha Pierce, a buyer at Superdry in Mississauga who visited NOTL for a short holiday, said, while she only used the bus twice during her visit, she found that "the bus drivers here are very welcoming. They helped me locate the stops properly and don’t rush me," unlike the bus drivers elsewhere.

“The bus was late one time and was early one time. Other than that, it’s good,” Pierce said.

The summer season shuttle that takes visitors downtown to the Courthouse from Fort George is scheduled to resume on Saturday, April 6.