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Jun. 25, 2019 | Tuesday
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Niagara College dinner event shines spotlight on importance of etiquette
Sarah Scott, NC’s manager of dining operations at Benchmark restaurant, will dish on etiquette dos and don’ts at the College’s Etiquette Dinner March 6. (Supplied/Niagara College)

Minding manners will be on the menu at a special dinner event for Niagara College students on March 6.

The college’s Centre for Student Engagement and Leadership has teamed up with its on-campus teaching restaurant to present an etiquette dinner for students. The event is designed to give students an opportunity to brush up on their manners to make a positive impression, from the dinner table to the boardroom and beyond.

Students will learn how to things like how to navigate a formal table setting; to the dos and don’ts of successful dining; and the etiquette of paying the bill.

“At our Etiquette Dinner, our students have the opportunity to learn soft skills in a fun, inclusive setting that many of them have never been exposed to before college, such as how to properly navigate business dinners, lunches and networking events, and immediately put them into practice as they dine at our on-campus teaching restaurant,” said Dina Fox, associate director of Student Engagement, Academic Advisement and Career Services.

“Our Etiquette Dinner is one of the many ways we prepare students to be job-ready as they transition into their careers.”

Sarah Scott, the college’s in-house etiquette expert, an award-winning professional in the hospitality industry, and manager of dining operations at NC’s Benchmark restaurant, will share the rules of dining and behavioural decorum through an interactive presentation.

Her presentation is based on her 15 years of experience and industry expertise, as well as daily observations of common breaches and faux pas – from misplaced napkins, and ‘hacksawing’ dinner rolls, to cellphones and purses on tables, to engaging in conversations that should be off-limits such as politics, diet and the weather.

“Knowing proper etiquette and having good manners are valuable life skills that boost a person’s professional and social appeal. It not only leaves a positive impression on others, but helps boost a one’s self-confidence,” said Scott. “This event is important for students because many college students  may not know the basic rules of etiquette and, even for those who do, there’s always something new that surprises them.”

Scott was awarded Business Link Media Group’s Niagara Top 40 Under Forty Business Award in 2017, and a Vintner’s Alliance 2018 Promoter Award (Hospitality) in 2018, as well as a Niagara Champion Award from the College in 2018. In addition to being the manager of dining operations at Benchmark, she is a part-time Hospitality instructor at the College and a graduate of the College’s Hotel and Restaurant Management program.

About 100 students are expected to attend the evening event in Benchmark restaurant at the College’s Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus. The Etiquette Dinner is only open to all NC students, by pre-registration. Tickets are $10, which includes the cost of the three-course meal; the fee is waived for those who are not able to financially cover the cost.